Welcome Our Certified Nutritionist

Family Fun & Fitness is proud to introduce Mary Ann Wietbrock to our members. Mary Ann is an RN certified in Fitness & Nutrition and now has an office inside Family Fun & Fitness. She offers nutrition classes at Family Fun every Monday at 4:30pm and every Thursday at 11am. These classes are open to the public. You can learn basic nutrition, discuss a weight loss program, explore nutrition to build lean muscles, anti-inflammatory diets to reduce diseases and so much more. Please see below for more information or visit Mary Ann’s website, www.cardinalelements.com


Weight Loss & Nutrition Programs

Family Fun & Fitness

These programs accept cash, check, or credit and are not part of Family Fun & Fitness Membership. Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Saving Accounts cards can be used if BMI over 29, blood pressure over 139/89, Diabetic HgA1C over 6.5% and you will receive letter of medical necessity for your physician to sign.


Weight Loss Program                                  Fitness & Sports Nutrition

30 minute sessions                                             30 minute sessions

12 nutrition modules                                          Build muscle/ Sports Nutrition


$60             30-60 minute session                      $50           30-60 minute session

$300            12 private sessions                         $150           6 private sessions

$275            each for groups of 2-5                    $135            each for groups of 2-3

$250            Groups of 6-10                               $5               Extra per session

$5               Extra per session                                                 if non Family Fun member

if non Family Fun member


Special Nutrition to Reduce Inflammatory Gut Problems

$100 for 2 private sessions   $110 for non-members 2 private sessions


Diverticulitis                Cardiac & heart diseases       Stress & coping

Fibromyalgia                High cholesterol                    Multiple medications

Crohn’s Disease           Irritable bowel syndrome     Minor anxiety

Gluten Free                  Addictions                             Minor depressions

Diabetes                        Asthma                                   High blood pressure

Chronic Pain                Fatigue                                   Atrial Fibrillation


Mary Ann Wietbrock RN MSN

A Nurse Certified in Fitness & Nutrition

Contact me on my web site’s contact page at www.cardinalelements.com or call my cell at 317-410-9140


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