Are you looking for courts? Family Fun & Fitness has basketball, racquetball, walleyball, indoor tennis, volleyball, and even bowling and batting cages (even those aren’t technically courts!)


Basketball Courts-

Enjoy 4 full sized basketball courts. With high school, college, and NBA distance 3 point lines as well as adjustable height goals, its no wonder Family Fun & Fitness is the place to play basketball year round.

Indoor Tennis Court-

Come enjoy the indoor tennis court at Family Fun & Fitness. Don’t let the rain and snow stop you from enjoying the game of tennis.

Racquetball/Walleyball Courts-

With 3 racquetball/walleyball courts, there is plenty of room to play year round. Enjoy open play or join our various skilled leagues.

Volleyball Courts-

Three full sized courts means that there is plenty of room for everyone to get a game of volleyball in. With adjustable regulation standards and referee mounts, volleyball can be enjoyed at all levels.

Bowling Alley-

The 2 lane regulation bowling alley is just one of the few surprises that you will find at Family Fun & Fitness. Each lane comes equiped with an automatic ball return, removable gutter guards, and an automatic pin setter. Why pay more to bowl when members can do it for FREE on our lane?

Batting Cage-

The batting cage area at Family Fun & Fitness is adjustable for both baseballs and softballs. Whether it is pitching, hitting, and/or catching, you can sharpen your skills in the cage.