Fitness Training

Fitness Classes (Schedule)-

Family Fun & Fitness guarantees to have at least 50 free weekly fitness classes for our members. You are sure to find a class that fits your needs. Our certified instructors are here to help you along your fitness journey. Classes are a great way to be held accountable while meeting new people. Each class is lead by an instructor that is mic’ed up so that you don’t miss a beat!

Personal Training (Meet our Trainers)-

Tired of getting no where with your fitness? Don’t know what to do when you workout? Need your fitness routine to get a boost of life? It’s time for you to try one of the certified personal trainers at Family Fun & Fitness.
No matter if you want to lose weight, gain strength, or just need an extra level of accountability to keep you on track, our personal trainers are experts on getting you the results you deserve.
Personal training packages vary in sessions and length. We have both 30 minute and 60 minute sessions available. You can purchase individual sessions or can purchase packages to save money.

Weight/Resistance Training-

Did you know that Family Fun & Fitness has more than 1 ton of weights and resistance available? Everything from 2 lbs dumbells to olympic weight lifting stations. With five dedicated lifting zones, Family Fun & Fitness is the area’s premiere workout center.

Free Weights Room-
If you are looking for free weights and cable resistance machines, then this is the room for you. With our Hammer Strength and ICARIAN machines and stations, you will be able to isolate and workout every muscle in your body.
Circuit #1 & 2-
If you are looking for resistance with the safety of cable based machines, then we have 2 seperate circuit training zones for you to enjoy. Twice as many zones mean no overcrowding or waiting on machines.
Power Lifting Cage-
Power lifters have their own special area for strenth training. Feel free to pump yourself up or jump in with the many power lifters that train in the cage.
Core Circuit-
Ready to tighten those abs and strengthen your lower back? The Core Circuit is designed to give your midsection the workout it desires.


Are you looking for more from your cardio routine than just treadmills? Family Fun & Fitness is proud to offer more than 75 cardio machines. From treadmills, bikes, stairmasters, rowing machines and elipiticals to versa climbers, summitt trainers, and a spinning room, we have your cardio workout covered.  With so many options and machines, the days of waiting for an available treadmill are long gone!

Cardio Zone-
Our specially designed cardio zone is jammed packed with cardio machines. It also comes complete with multiple tv’s for your viewing pleasure. Come on up and get ready to sweat!
Spinning Studio-
If you are looking for spinning bikes, look no further. With 22 stationary spinning bikes, including state of the art Kieser bikes, our spinning studio is open for single use or you can jump in with one of our many free weekly cycling classes.

Game Ready (More Info)-

Tired of the same old weights and cardio routine? Do you want to improve your balance, improve your bone density, or have a short amount of time to cram a full workout in? Then maybe its time for you to try the next generation of fitness.