Game Ready

Tired of the same old weights and cardio routine? Do you want to improve your balance, improve your bone density, or have a short amount of time to cram a full workout in? Then maybe its time for you to try the next generation of fitness.

Advance Your Success with bioDensity™ Neuro-Musculoskeletal Stimulation and Measurement Technology. A scientific breakthrough with long established research from cellular biology, anti-aging, and bone structure enhancement. We know that building stronger bodies translates to building a healthier body. Regardless of a person’s current fitness level, the bioDensity™ system makes the benefits of strength easy and attainable for most, from kids to seniors.

Balance Training-
All people, including children, adults, and athletes need balance to ambulate. Balance can be learned, challenged, and improved–even individuals who believe they have excellent balance can improve with training. In older adults, falls are the leading cause of injury deaths. People who begin early balance assessments and training are improving their stability and overall quality of life.

Virtual Training-
Training should not consist of boring routines. Take your training to the next level with our virtual trainers. Not only will you improve your body, you will also challenge your mind in a fun atmosphere. Members enjoy riding virtual trails on our Expresso Bikes or enjoy an interactive experience with our Trazer2 machines.

Efficient Cardio-
Having a hard time to find a lot of time to do a workout? Then maybe its time that you try our 6 minute workout. In 6 short minutes you can get in a complete cardio workout on computer controlled Sci-Fit machines. With machines that workout your entire body, you will be able to experience body changing results in a fraction of the time. Don’t forget to try the Jacob’s Ladder too!

Boot Camp Zone-
Now you can design your own power packed routine in our customizable Boot Camp Zone. We have everything you need. Weighted bags, balls, plyo boxes, agility ladders, cones, poles and even climbing ropes. The Boot Camp Zone even comes complete with astroturf so that you can train like the pros.

Weight Room-
The Game Ready weight room may look like an ordinary weight room, but it is jammed pack with fitness goodness. The Cormax weights are the same weights that the Indianapolis Colts use. We also have three Vortex superstations that have more than 200 exercises available.

Reaction Training-
Who says cardio should be done in a straight line? Come experience cardio in 360 degrees. You will jump, hit, swing, and squat your way to fitness. These reaction machines also double as a fun arcade where you are challenged to beat the day’s high score.

Vibration Therapy-
Vibration platforms provide a variety of health benefits. If you are experiencing aches and pains, then maybe its time to spend some time on the vibration platform. Vibration also promotes lean muscle growth and helps minimize muscle soreness.