Whether you are a Standard, Game Ready, or Unlimited member, you will experience the best of fitness and recreation at Family Fun & Fitness. We have everything from basketball courts and indoor tennis to certified personal trainers and nutritionists available to help you reach your fitness goals. We have over 85,000 square feet at your finger tips, to help you reach your fitness goals.

With membership plans starting at less than $1/day, you can not afford to not get the very best in fitness and recreation. See information below to figure out which membership best fits your needs.

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Unlimited Membership Why choose only one membership when you could get them both? For less than $1 more per day, you can experience everything under the roof. Unlimited members get the best of both worlds! Game Ready Membership Are you ready to take you fitness to the next level? Are you tired of your body feeling sore or stiff? Are you recovering from an injury or surgery? Then maybe it


and technology into every workout.y customizable and enjoyable since it incorporates fun s time for you to experience the latest and greatest that fitness has to offer. From athletes that want virtual reality performance training, to active seniors wanting to improve their balance and bone density. Game Ready makes your fitness completel

Standard Membership Our standard membership includes basketball courts, indoor tennis, racquetball, a bowling alley, batting cage, nursery, kids club, over 50 free weekly fitness classes, circuit training, cardio zone, free weights, aerobic swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room, boxing studio, and much much more.